Everything new in Microsoft Teams in the month of November

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft lowers Teams Rooms pricing, offers free (with device) Basic Tier

As usual, towards the end of every month, Microsoft makes an announcement highlighting all the new features that made it to Microsoft Teams. In the month of November, the company added a ton of nifty features to the platform all designed to enhance its user experience. Let’s dive in and have a look.


First up, is the Instant Poll that Teams users can use to get instant responses to spoken poll questions. It is worth noting that you can launch these polls whilst in meetings, you don’t need to prepare them before the meeting starts.

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Next up, both Chrome and Edge users will have access to the modern meeting and calling experience, including improved pre-join, dynamic view, and the updated control bar.

Another feature added to Teams designed to enhance the meeting experience includes the ability to automatically view up to 49 videos (7×7) in Teams meetings.


You can get call transcription on Microsoft Teams for Android, which will help you refer to important points made during the meeting once it is over. This especially comes in handy if you are on the go and not in a position to make notes.

Second up, whenever users receive a PSTN call, a browser screen will automatically pop up upon receiving the call. It will pop up alongside Teams and provide the user with important information such as CRM data and case data.

Chat & Collaboration

Microsoft has incorporated an extra layer of security that lets users accept or block a group chat invitation from an unmanaged user. Additionally, you can now schedule messages which will help promote efficiency and effectiveness at the workplace. All you have to do is right-click the send button and schedule the message you want to send.

Next up is the added capability that lets Teams users start a Chat with Distribution Groups, Mail-enabled Security Groups, and O365 Groups. It is worth noting that the number of participants is limited to 250.

And as we had earlier reported, users can now view the full chat conversation thread after clicking on search message results. This allows users to get clarity and context as they can go through the entire thread easily.

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And finally, with the unread toggle in Teams, users will now be able to check all their unread chat message notifications by turning on the unread toggle button in their activity feed panel.


Admins will now be able to control the entire lifecycle of Surface Hubs as Teams devices using the Teams admin center. It includes features like restart, download of logs, configuration of settings, and detailed device information.

That’s it, folks, as far as what’s new in Microsoft Teams in the month of November. We only hit the main features, there are some that we left out that you should check out in Microsoft’s Tech Community post. Be sure to also visit last month’s recap in case you missed it.