New images leak of upcoming Windows 10 Mobile features

Kareem Anderson

Groove client update featured

It has been some time since Windows 10 Mobile Insiders have received as preview build to write home about. For the past few early releases, Insiders have been treated to some optimization tweaks and long overdue bug fixes, but new mobile first features have been few and far between as of late.

It seems that trend may be about to change.

According to Italian blog site Aggiornamenti Lumia, the Windows team is prepping a new release that could be bringing some Redstone branch 2 features to Insiders soon. Based on the report, further unification between Windows 10 for PC and Mobile can be seen as the mobile Update setting gets renamed to Windows Update as well as gaining more granular control settings over the notification and sounds of updates.

  • Introduced a new icon which will appear upon the completion of a new system update or request a reboot.‎
  • ‎Now Windows Update can be viewed in the list of applications that receive notifications.‎
  • ‎New entry advanced options in the upgrade menu.

As seen above, the new icon implementation still needs some love and attention regarding sizing and spacing and will presumably be worked out over the new few releases leading up to the final Redstone 2 update.

Insiders will also be able to test a new Sound Notification update that enables users to adjust what sounds occur for what updates. Also, to change the notification sounds, users will also be given control of vibrations and banner notifications regarding updates.

Aggiornamenti Lumia posits that the real reason Dona and the Windows team has delayed a mobile preview release is to include this new update to the Update Settings in the next build going out to testers. The new tweaks to the Update Setting may have also been the culprit in the new update-loop gate issue some Windows users are currently experiencing.

Barring any other system issues, Windows 10 Mobile Insiders could expect to see this new Update feature release sometime next week.