New icon for Windows 10’s Camera app leaks online and looks pretty cool

Brad Stephenson

Windows 10 Camera App

After new icons leaked for Microsoft’s Mail and Calendar apps a few days ago, a fresh new design for the Windows 10 Camera app has popped up online today.

The new icon was posted online on the Aggiornamenti Lumia Twitter account and shows an icon in the same aesthetic style that was announced last year. The use of light and dark blue, white, and black, makes for a much more distinct icon than the current Windows 10 one which is basically just a black outline of a camera on a transparent background.

Microsoft’s new design aesthetic was officially unveiled in late-2018 and has gradually, very gradually, been rolled out to the majority of the company’s first-party icons with Managed Home Screen, Microsoft Launcher, and Skype getting their new icons recently.

It’s unclear when the Windows 10 Camera app will get this new icon, though it will likely roll out sometime in the near future.

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