New Halo Waypoint mobile app launches right in time for Halo Infinite’s next beta, get it now

Laurent Giret

As the next Halo Infinite multiplayer beta will open its doors to all Xbox players tomorrow, a new Halo Waypoint app is available to download on iOS and Android today. Instead of launching a brand new app, the new Halo Waypoint is actually a big revamp of Microsoft’s existing Halo Channel mobile apps, which had not been updated for many years.

Halo Waypoint will serve as a companion app for Halo Infinite, and it can already show your progress in the game’s Battle Pass if you participated in the previous closed betas. Moreover, the Halo Waypoint app can also be used to see your multiplayer data for Halo: MCC as well as Halo 5: Guardians, and it also features the latest news coming from

To further enhance the app’s experience, Microsoft has also furnished it with new features for players’ Halo Infinite Service Record. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • The new Game History menu shows key details of all completed Halo Infinite multiplayer match, including Custom Games. Completed Custom Games can be identified in this list by an “N/A” in the Playlist column.
    • On, the Game History menu can be found under the Stats tab of the Halo Infinite Service Record.
    • To access the Game History menu on the Halo Waypoint app, follow the instructions below:
      1. Navigate to the Games tab of the bottom navigation bar and select Halo Infinite as the active title.
      2. Select the Companion tab in the bottom navigation bar.
      3. Tap on the Service Record button.
      4. Swipe to the right side of the top navigation bar and tap on Game History.
  • The Post Game Carnage Report (PGCR) and Team Stats for all completed multiplayer matches are now available on Halo Waypoint.
    • To view these detailed stats on, navigate to the Game History menu in your Halo Infinite Service Record and click on the “Go to Details ????” link on the right side of a match’s row.
    • To see these stats in the Halo Waypoint app, navigate to the Game History menu andtap on the arrow button on the left side of the match’s Win/Loss column.

Microsoft is also working on a new Halo Waypoint website that should be ready once Halo Infinite launches on December 8. In the meantime, you can download the new Halo Waypoint app on your iOS and Android devices with the links below.

‎Halo Waypoint
‎Halo Waypoint
Price: Free

Halo Waypoint
Halo Waypoint
Price: Free