New Breeze extension for Edge on Windows 10 makes opening new tabs easier

Kareem Anderson

With the drawbridge on the development of browser extensions for Edge lowered, developers big and small are making their bid for a rightful spot in the coveted Extension panel.

Recently, Windows 10 Insiders were greeted with LastPass, Office Extension for Edge, and AdBlocker extensions in their web browsing experience in Edge and today, a less well-known developer would like to expand upon the extension experience.

Meet Breeze, the simplified tabbing extension available for Edge (and recently ported to Chrome). Via the Windows Reddit page, Redditor samuthekid reached out to Edge users to offer an experience that is described as “allow users to choose the new tab page! You can leave blank and use the features of the extension or choose a web page, and when you “Ctrl+T”, the page you choose opens.”

In a semi-lengthy post, samuthekid explains the various scenarios users can the extension to custom build commands to bring up specific websites, which involve the use of tags, abbreviations, and redirects from currently opened pages.

Breeze extension for tabbing
Breeze extension for tabbing

All in all, Breeze seems like a web page and searching power users dream. Using a simplified UI and straightforward command dialog interface, creating commands should be, as the developer puts it, a breeze.

The developer offers a link to the Google Drive storage of the executables and encourages feedback via comments on the current subreddit or by opening a new one on the topic. If visiting the Google Drive and upziping the asset seems like too much work in light of how the Edge team has evolved the extension process, the developer plans to speak with Microsoft to being the process of packaging it for the Extensions Store.

Note: Extensions are currently only available for Windows Insiders, and it appears that due to its packaging, Breeze is disabled upon every new startup of the Edge browser.

true… as the extension is added from a folder; edge disables it every time you restart the browser… I really need to pack it and make an installer ;)”

Let us know your thoughts on the new extension.