Netflix extends its cloud gaming beta testing to the US

Robert Collins

Netflix has now expanded testing of its cloud gaming service to the United States. As we reported back in August, Netflix rolled out testing for the feature in the UK and Canada.

The announcement post from August has now been updated with the message “We are now beginning to roll this limited beta test to the US.”

The limited beta will be restricted to a small number of users. At present, only two Netflix games—Oxenfree and Molehew’s Mining Adventure—are available via the cloud streaming beta. Cloud streaming allows Netflix users to play these games on their TV or computer using their smartphone as a controller via  dedicated app.

Cloud Gaming Promo

Netflix games are typically only playable on the Netflix mobile app, but as VP of Netflix Games Mike Verdu says in the post,

By making games available on more devices, we hope to make games even easier to play for our members around the world.

This push into gaming from Netflix is part of an effort to expand the company’s offerings. And Netflix isn’t the only big streaming company looking to get a piece of the massive gaming pie. Disney is reportedly considering a similar move to expand its presence in the video game industry with a large acquisition, possibly EA or Ubisoft.