Netflix app updates on Windows and Windows Phone

Brad Stephenson

Windows Netflix app

The Netflix app has been updated for Windows and Windows Phone devices. There has been no release notes published concerning the updates and nothing appears to be new or different in the Windows Phone version but the Windows app now appears noticeably sharper and with better spacing between graphics and menus which suggests the app was tweaked to run better on Windows 10 devices.
A new menu item has also been added to the Windows app which appears in the lower-right side of the screen when a user uses a mouse within the Netflix app. This new menu brings up a list of shortcuts to the different categories displayed on the main menu and makes navigation a lot faster for those using a mouse and keyboard. The shortcut screen can be a little confusing though as there is no way to get back to the main menu without clicking on a shortcut and the imageless shortcut link boxes do appear as if they’re experiencing some sort of bug that’s preventing the images from showing properly, though it’s also entirely possible that the links are designed to be without images. Update: Apparently that lower-right menu option has been in the app for a while. Thanks, Connor for letting us know in the comments. Not sure how I’ve never noticed it until now.
The Windows Netflix app is pretty solid though it is still in need of some more Windows 10 optimizations. The app still doesn’t support the large Live Tile size for example. Also, since the launch of Windows 10, the space bar no longer pauses or plays video and the user still has to manually choose to make the video play in full screen after pressing play due to the new operating system’s handling of apps in a more windowed environment as opposed to the default full screen design of Windows 8.
Are there any improvements you’d like to see come to the Netflix app? Let us know what changes you’d like to see made in the comments below.

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free