Need an all-purpose dongle for your new MacBook Pro? Use the Microsoft Display Dock!

Dennis Bednarz

So, with the MacBook going full USB-C and having no other ports, regular USB ports included, a dongle is literally a must. The fun part is that the best dock for your MacBook may be the Microsoft’s Continuum dock.

The dock features an HDMI and DisplayPort port as well three regular USB-A and one USB-C port (plus one on the back for connecting the dock itself). Compared to other dongles, the Continuum Dock offers the most for its price. It looks good, it can charge your MacBook, and has all of these ports.

The tip was Tweeted out by Martin Suchan and one of the replies to it links to a Reddit thread over at the Apple subreddit, where a user has tested the dock and where other users surprisingly have pretty positive opinions of the dock.

The comments over at the Microsoft Store also mention that it’s a great dock for the MacBook, forgetting that it’s actual purpose was to use it with Microsoft’s, now dead, Lumia lineup for the Continuum feature.

It’s always fun to see discoveries like this on the internet, and we hope we’ll be able to share more in the future.