Nearly 20% of Xbox 360 video games are now playable on the Xbox One

Brad Stephenson

Injustice: Gods Among Us on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

A Reddit user has worked out that almost 20% of the entire Xbox 360 video games library is now available to play on the Xbox One console through the backwards compatibility feature.

He comes to his conclusion by taking into account the official number of Xbox 360 games (1,722) and the total number of these which could potentially be brought to the Xbox One (1,562 due to games that require hardware accessories such as the Xbox 360 Kinect or Disney Infinity base being unsupportable) and the total number of Xbox 360 games now playable on Xbox One.

“With the potential number down to 1562 titles, we next see that there are currently 308 Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox One,” he says in his post. “Given that almost 20% of the systems library was available in the span of a year, it will take about 4 more years for every game available at the time of writing this to hit the system. Another interesting piece of information is that only 51% of original xbox games were playable on the 360, so if the Xbox One BC team works for another year and a half they could potentially pass that systems BC rate.”

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