Bing correctly predicts NBA Finals winner, the Golden State Warriors

Sean Michael

Bing's NBA Playoffs bracket

Microsoft’s Bing accurately predicted the 2015 NBA Finals. Bing uses statistics to analyze and predict everything from sporting events to the Oscars and this year they accurately picked the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Finals.

Bing predicted that the Warriors would win the NBA Finals but they said it would be in five games over the Atlanta Hawks. The Warriors did win the series but it was in six games over Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Overall, Bing did a very admirable job predicting this year’s playoffs. They predicted the NBA Finals champion and correctly predicted twelve out of fifteen series.

From a prediction standpoint, many claim that sports with multi game series are easier to predict. The NBA Playoffs has four rounds, each containing a best of seven series which in theory makes it much more predictable than something like the NCAA tournament which is single elimination.

Bing also attempted to predict how many games it would take each team to advance to the next round. They did a worse job at this than predicting overall victors. For example they had the Hawks beating the Cavaliers in seven games but the Cavaliers won in only four, but having the predictions in there is a nice touch.