Mylio Photos offers a new way to declutter your digital memories

David Allen

In the digital age, we all have constantly growing collections of media.  Many of us are using multiple cloud services to store our memories with varying concerns for data privacy.  Mylio Photos version 24 has been two years in the making and aims to change all of that.

Mylio Photos starts by being cloud-independent so users can add and remove devices that have access to their library as needed.  With Remote Control features users can grant those they trust most access to their photos on varying levels.  Some family members may need just the ability to add photos for example, while others can have the ability to edit or delete photos.  These features are specifically available to Mylio Photos + libraries.

Dynamic search allows you to find anything in seconds, no outside sources have access to your data, not even Mylio.  By leveraging AI to generate smart tags Mylio can identify over 1,000 activities such as text and images found in OCR documents, faces in photos using face detection, and GPS data that is geo-coded into human-readable data.  Dynamic search learns what you search for and applies those presets to new media.  Mylio Photos + users will also be able to share photos with confidence.  Mylio servers are not web-indexed and photos can be shared using SafeShare which removes all personal information from the photo.

Mylio Photos version 24 is scheduled to be released in September of this year. Mylio Photos + the premium offering will be available for $9.99/month or $99.00 per year. You can learn more about Mylio Photos at