MSN to add sponsor links in content in new partnership with VigLink

Arif Bacchus

VigLink, a San Francisco-based content commerce platform announced today that is has partnered with MSN to add sponsor links in content. As part of the partnership, the integrity of the MSN user experience will not be changed, and there will be no shift in editorial focus, but instead more ways for MSN to accurately bring relevant experiences for its readers (via ZDNet.)

The partnership also addresses the age-old issue where commercial links seen in published content would not earn the publisher any compensation. Essentially, thanks to VigLink’s technology, links will be associated with advertiser marketing programs, meaning MSN will get the best deals for its audience from links. ZDNet’s Eileen Brown offered up an in-depth explanation for how this works.

The software also adds affiliate hyperlinks links to publisher keywords throughout the content in an article. These keywords provide extra revenue for MSN. Viglink Anywhere also lets content creators monetise social media posts across platforms. Its Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology recognizes keywords and topics in a publishers content that are valuable and relevant. It can then find high quality product mentions in the content which can result in more user clicks. The technology can also provide insights into which products are talked about, purchased, or abandoned for each merchant.

VigLink is the largest network of its kind, and every month, VigLink Processes over 10 million page views, and other five hundred million clicks, fueling tens of millions of dollars in content-driven commerce. Safe to say that MSN will be getting the best out of this partnership. Do you think this partnership is best for the future of MSN? Drop us a comment below to let us know your thoughts.