MSN temporarily suspends the ability for readers to comment on its websites

Abhishek Baxi

MSN is Microsoft’s all-in-one portal for curated content and features articles, videos, and photo galleries from across the Web. Along with web content, MSN integrates with Microsoft services and allows you to customize and organize your home page to suit your interests.

In an unannounced move, Microsoft has suspended commenting on MSN. Since a couple of days, there’s a banner informing of the change in place of the comments section.

MSN has temporarily removed commenting on our websites. In the meantime, we are finding better ways for you to carry out discussions on the issues you care about.

The notice indicates that one, this is a temporary suspension, and second, Microsoft maybe looking at better discussion model to replace the one it had as yet. When we dug a little, we found that the code behind an article page has reference to Facebook’s Comments framework that is now disabled.

<div class=”facebook-comments-disabled-container”>
<div class=”comments-icon”></div>
<div class=”comments-description”>MSN has temporarily removed commenting on our websites while we explore better ways for you to engage in discussion on the issues you care about.</div>

Since its inception in 1995, MSN offers dozens of international versions of its portal and following the redesign and relaunch in 2014, most international MSN websites share the same layout as US-based and are largely indistinguishable from it, aside from the localized content.