MSDN and TechNet subscriptions gain access to Windows 8, downloads available now

Zac Bowden

Microsoft announced earlier this month that Windows 8 would be available to developers and testers starting August 15, today is that day, and MSDN and TechNet subscribers get first dibs on the OS. Windows 8 introduces a bunch of new features over Windows 7, including a new Start Screen!

MSDN and TechNet members with a subscription which includes Windows software can now download Windows 8 from their downloads page and gain access to a legitimate product key for activation. These product keys are only meant for development and testing only, it shound’t be used for general use like checking email or playing games.

Windows 8 will launch to the public on October 26 2012, we can expect Microsoft to heavily advertise Windows 8 before hand, to get users who are currently on Windows 7 or below to begin thinking about upgrading to the new Windows.