Movies and TV app will become “the best destination for 360 degree video,” says Alex Kipman at WinHEC

Kit McDonald

Microsoft’s WinHEC event has already been more than exciting with various announcements, but one particularly seemed to fly under the radar. When it comes to mixed reality, Windows 10’s Movies and TV app will be “the best destination for 360-degree videos” according to keynote speaker Alex Kipman.

Through collaboration with Chinese VR headset makers 3Glasses, Microsoft will be offering the S1 mixed reality headset in the early half of 2017. The presentation of the device showed how a user could use 360-degree holographic videos and even interact with them in a virtual environment.

One of the next steps in virtual reality is to bring videos that users will be able to stand in the middle of and interact with. Users will be able even to record and explore their own 360-degree videos from inside the action.

Thanks to Channel 9, you can watch the demonstration at approximately 20 minutes into the keynote replay:

While it was shown that developers would be able to utilize this feature on the Windows 10 platform, according to Kipman Microsoft is aiming for their Movies & TV app to be the first place to go for future immersive videos. As for when we’ll begin seeing this shift, we can only assume that we’ll learn more as Microsoft continues to bring more affordable VR headsets to the masses.