More Windows 8 Consumer Preview build 8220 screenshots leak


Just last night, new images from the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta) build were leaked showcasing a few new things as well as giving beta testers a little taste of whats to come. Today, we get even more screenshots giving us a glimpse of whats to come.

In the first set of leaked screenshots, we learn that the Charms bar will be transparent and will appear when you place your cursor at the right hand corner of your screen. There are also alternate backgrounds for the Start Screen, which look pretty damn good. Internet Explorer 10 has the ability to install updates to the browser automatically, as we see from one of the screenshots. Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center are both present in the Apps page, so thats good news. We also see a new interface for selecting your language settings in Windows 8 as well as several other neat tweaks.

The start button has been said to have been removed in the latest build of Windows 8. But reports indicate that it has been replaced with a clickable/hoverable area that will show the Start Screen.

Several new features were revealed via the second set of leaked screenshots. We see a new Immersive icon set replacing the old standard icons we have been used to. There are some new shortcuts to the Charm Bar as well as new organization to the Ribbon interface in Explorer. Take a look at the second set of screenshots for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview build 8220 below: