More tech executives are using Azure over AWS according to recent Goldman Sachs survey

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure continues to see growth among businesses. In fact, a recent survey from Goldman Sachs of technology executives shows Azure is taking a favorable lead over its rival, Amazon’s AWS (via CNBC).

The financial giant based its findings from its semiannual information-technology survey conducted on 100 IT executives from Global 2000 companies. As per the findings, 56 executives were powering their cloud infrastructure with Azure, with just 48 using AWS. More of the respondents were more likely to be using Azure over the next three years than any other competition service.

While Microsoft has seen seen a healthily growing lead on usage of cloud infrastructure and platform as a service put together since December 2017, AWS continues to dominate the market in terms of overall revenue generation.

Analysts of the survey concluded that 23% of IT workloads are now processed in public cloud services, with the expectation of reaching as high as 43% in the next three years. While Azure might be taking a healthy lead, the rapidly growing market could allow other contenders to take a larger slice of the pie, including the now third-place Google.

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