Mojang announces Minecraft Preview in hopes of inviting more people to test early versions of Minecraft

Kevin Okemwa


Diehard Minecraft fans can test out the Mojangs’ survival game through the Minecraft Bedrock beta version, but it comes with some limitations, ones that Minecraft is addressing with the announcement of Minecraft Preview.

Mojang Studios says that they have plans underway to retire the previous beta version of the game once Minecraft Preview is fully enabled.

Minecraft Preview will be a whole entity by itself, and not part of the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This means that it will be available on multiple platforms, compared to the beta version which is only accessible on Xbox, Android, and Windows.

Uninterrupted gameplay

Moreover, players will get the chance to test Minecraft’s early releases as well as the official Minecraft release using one device. This is a great feat, as the beta version required gamers to constantly subscribe and unsubscribe from the program.

Windows and iOS users will have the first crack at the Minecraft Preview. It is also worth noting that this is the first time early builds of Minecraft, Bedrock Edition are making a debut on iOS devices. The move is projected to increase the number of players substantially.

Not forgetting, there are also plans underway to expand its horizons to multiple platforms including:

iOS testing is extremely essential before the game is launched officially, as such, players should get with the program and sign up. However, the available slots are limited.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition will be available on Minecraft Launcher, Xbox Game Pass, and PC Game Pass. The Minecraft Preview can be accessed for free by Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on both Windows and Xbox.

No longer available

However, the following features will not make it to the Minecraft Preview:

  • Cross-platform multiplayer
  • Marketplace (only on some platforms)
  • Realms / Featured Servers
  • Achievements

Extinct beta version

The beta version of the game will continue to receive updates, however, the long-term plan is to have it phased out by the Minecraft Preview. The goal is to create an easier and more accessible way to test out the new features expected to come to Minecraft.

Sign up as soon as possible to gain access to Minecraft Preview, though it will get to the various platforms at different times. Starting with iOS and Windows.

What are your expectations of Minecraft Preview? Let us know in the comment section below.