Modern Standby is coming to Windows 10X

Kareem Anderson

Windows 10x Start Menu

As we round out 2020, Windows 10X news and rumors are coming in flurries. While Microsoft has remained relatively mum on Windows 10X this year, a support document has surfaced hinting that Microsoft’s Modern Standby feature is supported by the infamously elusive operating system (via Windows Latest).

Modern Standby is a relatively new feature for Windows 10 and Xbox users in which devices in “Sleep Mode” are able to download data such as emails, updates, notifications, and other low-level operations.

Again, Standby Mode is currently something Windows 10 already supports and is mostly dependent on people actually putting their devices to sleep rather than turning them completely off. When devices are entered into sleep mode, data and apps such as Mail, Photos, Calendar, Settings, UWPs, and PWAs are kept in connection (while connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi connection) to their data sources and are able to retrieve content to offer users an almost instant-on feel when starting up their devices.

Modern Standby Mode

With Windows 10X coming as the newest operating system offering for Microsoft, support for Modern Standby seems like a no-brainer feature to include. The news, in and of itself, isn’t that impressive but with Microsoft skirting any topics or conversations relating to Windows 10X for an entire year, the updated documentation adds a bit of credence to recent rumors about the secretive OS.