Moana comes to Minecraft in new Character Pack

Arif Bacchus

Mojang today announced a new character pack for Minecraft, complete with Disney’s Moana. The pack comes with characters from the movie, and is releasing on the same day as the legendary Skin Pack 1 for the Nintendo Wii U and Switch Editions of the game.

Minecraft fans will find the demigod Maui, a giant gold-grabbing crab, coconut-clad pirates, watery apparitions, volcanic demons, and other characters from Disney’s Moana in the character pack. It is available now in the Marketplace, and you can have a peek via the video below.

Also available on Nintendo Wii U and Switch today is Skin Pack 1. This skin pack has characters from the Fable series, as well as Halo’s Master Cheif, Banjo, Cole Train, ‘Splosion Man and others. You can click this link to visit this listing directly via the Minecraft Marketplace.

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