Mixradio customers can get a two month Groove Music Pass for free

Arif Bacchus

Last month we brought music fans the sad news that after several years of name and ownership changes, MixRadio services were finally coming to an end. Today, there is much happier MixRadio news to bring to you music fans, and it comes in the way of a great offer from Microsoft.

With over 40 million songs that you can play on all sorts of devices, Groove Music is a great alternative to MixRadio, and Microsoft is now giving MixRadio users who are new to Groove double the chances for free music.  What this means is that MixRadio users can now get 2 free months of Groove Music Pass or Xbox Music Pass. Essentially, and as part of the offer, a bonus one-month trial will be added to a one-month free trial subscription.

Full details and all the fine print on the offer are available here. Even if Groove Music is not to your liking, Microsoft notes that you can cancel the plan anytime.

Groove is available on all of your favorite devices, including Windows 10 PC’s, Xbox, SONOS, Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone.   It is an ad-free experience, and songs are available offline.