Mixer game streaming service could come to PlayStation and other consoles

Brad Stephenson

Mixer Studio at Microsoft Store

While Microsoft has begun heavily integrating their Mixer (previously Beam) video game streaming service into their Windows 10 operating system and Xbox One console, that doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t want to expand the service to other devices such as Sony and Nintendo’s rival PlayStation 4 and Switch consoles.

Today, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer reaffirmed his interest in getting Mixer onto other consoles on Twitter when a user recalled how Spencer had expressed interest in doing this in the past. Spencer replied to this tweet with a simple “Yep” and thanked the fan for his enthusiasm. No details on specific plans or efforts were revealed.

Microsoft already has official Beam/Mixer apps on iOS and Android as well as official apps for Bing, Cortana, and Office 365 services. Consoles remain another story with the Minecraft video game being the only major Microsoft-owned property on a non-Xbox system. This has mainly happened though due to the fact that Microsoft purchased Minecraft years after the game had already established itself on other platforms.

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