Mixer extends its free digital content and games offer in light of technical difficulties

Kit McDonald


Today’s Xbox E3 announcement has been hyped up by Microsoft a lot, but none as much as Mixer. The streaming service announced earlier this week that anyone tuning into the briefing while logged in will be offered the Mixer Mixpot digital content at the end of the week. Unfortunately, many users are having difficulties logging in to the young streaming service,

Now Mixer has changed its offer. Logging in throughout the week during the Xbox Daily will also give you the same chance to get the Mixpot.


More giveaways, content, and exclusives will also be hosted during the Xbox Daily shows. Here is the schedule:

  • Monday, June 12th at 3pm PDT
  • Tuesday, June 13th at 1pm PDT
  • Wednesday, June 14th at 1pm PDT
  • Thursday, June 15th at 10am PDT

Microsoft hasn’t announced yet what the digital content – “games and DLC” – will be yet, but they are supposed to be revealing that information during the Xbox E3 briefing today. You can watch it right now on Mixer!

UPDATE: Here is the announced list of free games and DLC.