Mixer Direct Purchase hits Preview, earn 5% on each game purchase through your channel

Arif Bacchus

The Mixer team previously shared they have big plans for 2018, having several new features lined up for the streaming platform. Today Mixer has followed up, announcing a preview of Mixer Direct Purchase, a feature allowing for streamers to earn 5% on each game purchase through a Mixer channel.

The goal of Mixer Direct Purchase is to reward streamers and support them for recommending games and DLCS to audiences. When a steamer turns on Direct Purchase, viewers can buy the game or DLC that is being streamed right from their channel page, without ever leaving the stream. The content is then automatically added to the Xbox or Windows 10 game library, and views can download on their own time, without the need for codes or tokens.

Here’s a bit more on how the service works:

At launch, streamers will earn 5% for every purchase that happens on their channel. Every game title that’s in Microsoft Store will be available (including Xbox, Windows 10 & Xbox Play Anywhere games and DLC). Streamers will have the ability to select whether they want to promote the base game, a specific edition (Deluxe, Definitive, Collectors, etc.), or individual content (DLC, Packs, etc.). All of this is can be adjusted in the “Manage Channel” section of the Account Settings.

See it in action below:

Direct Purchase on Mixer

Although still behind Twitch, Mixer has more than 10 million active users a month. That said, there is definitely a lot of people who will appreciate this new experience. So please do let us know your thoughts on this Direct Purchase feature by dropping us a comment below.