Mixer debuts first ever exclusive reality show, called Gears Esports Offseason

Kareem Anderson

Mixer Studio at Microsoft Store

During the initial unveiling of the Xbox One, Microsoft was roundly panned for its seemingly over ambitious attempt to merge television and video entertainment with the world of gaming on what is normally perceived as a gaming first platform.

After some retrenching and gamer pandering, it seems Microsoft may have the found the perfect loophole for its idea to bring some varied entertainment to gaming.

Microsoft’s new broadcast and streaming service Mixer is welcoming Gears Esports Offseason as the first exclusive reality series to the platform.

“Gears Esports Offseason offers a rare viewpoint in esports – diving into the rich drama, humor, and excitement that unveils itself in-between seasons. Teams make difficult roster decisions, address lingering issues from the first Gears Pro Circuit season, celebrate camaraderie and team bonding, and get down to business in building strategies for the year ahead.”

It would seem that Microsoft may have found the niche in which gaming and media consumption can coexist alongside each other as the appetite for eSports coverage increases. Season 1 of the Gears of War Esports Pro Circuit stands as a testament to the demand of more eSports coverage as a recent announcement of Gears Pro Circuit Season 2 has been released.

For those interested in the Mixer service or just want to catch your favorite eSport personality, the Gears Esports Offseason series will begin July 26th at 5 pm PT. Following episodes 1 & 2 will be a live player QA, allowing fans further access to their favorite personalities.

The remaining schedule is as follows:

  • August 2nd at 5pm PT: Episode 3, Live Player Q&A
  • August 9th at 5pm PT: Episode 4, Live Player Q&A

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