Mini Start included in latest internal builds of Windows 8.1 Update 1?

Zac Bowden

Windows 7 Start Menu, Image via Extreme Tech

The year 2014 has kicked off with leaked information regarding the upcoming update to Windows 8.1. Also known as the Spring 2014 update, Update 1 is set to further align Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 together via API’s for developers to use. Not only that, but it appears Update 1 could include some consumer features too, such as a rumored Mini Start.

Mini Start was talked about back in 2013, when rumors of an update for Windows 8.1 began swimming around on the internet. Mini Start is a Start Menu, much like you’d expect it to be, but smaller. Users aren’t happy with the Start Screen, and Mini Start should offer a cool replacement.

According to Nawzil, who has been behind a number of different leaks in the past, is claiming that the latest internal development builds of Windows 8.1 Update 1 include a Mini Start. Mary Jo Foley recently said that her sources are unsure if Mini Start would make it into Update 1, but if Nawzil is correct, it seems we could all have a Start Menu to play with before Summer!


Even if Mini Start is a thing in the current internal builds, it’s possible that Microsoft could remove such feature before RTM. Bare that in mind.

We recently heard that OEM’s would be getting their hands on pre-release Windows 8.1 Update 1 builds starting next week. Along with this, it’s possible that an early leak could occur of the update. It’s exciting, stick around for more! As per usual, with all rumors we ask you to be cautious, this information could be false.

Update: Nawzil has clarified that a “mini-Start” menu exists in current Windows builds, whether that means Windows 8.1 Update 1 or Windows 9 is unclear. Either way, a mini-Start menu is coming!