Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is now on disc and available for $19.99

Joseph Finney

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is now available for 19.99

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is now available for purchase from retailers for $19.99. Minecraft has been a big hit on PC, Mac, Mobile, and consoles since its launch. Now the Xbox One is the next platform to see the game launch.

The Xbox One offers a similar experience to the 360 version. Gamers can play in worlds on their own or with friends across Xbox Live. Xbox One may benefit from some more social features which are built into the operating system. With these social features it will be easy for Minecraft players to record their creations and share with friends. Get the game in stores or download it digitally today, Microsoft hopes to have the game globally available by December 1st.

Have you played Minecraft on Xbox before? If so, what kind of things have you built/done in Minecraft for Xbox? Let us know in the comments below.