Could ray tracing support and graphical enhancements be on their way to Minecraft?

Kevin Okemwa


Rumors hitting the ground indicate that Microsoft could possibly be working on a “long overdue” graphical update alongside ray tracing support. Several users have reported spotting new graphic options tucked in the just-released build update for the entry.

In the past, we’ve seen Microsoft making efforts and strides toward enhancing Minecraft’s gameplay experience. In one account, it was reported that the company was testing ray tracing support for Minecraft on Xbox Series X|S consoles after releasing a teaser about the feature a while back.

However, the company later pulled ray tracing support from the Xbox console version of Minecraft indicating that it was never official and that it was just a prototype. And while Minecraft admitted it was a mistake, a lot of people seemed to be looking forward to this much-needed update.

Ray tracing support is a unique lighting technique that enhances the appearance of a game by making it more realistic. It essentially helps mirror how light is reflected and refracted in real life and replicates it in the game.

Minecraft is yet to officially confirm that it is working on these enhancements, but it doesn’t seem that far off. On the other hand, these could be only prototypes that the company could pull from the game in the future. Regardless, it would be pretty neat to see these changes ship to the entry.

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via Tom Warren(Twitter)