Minecraft held a virtual music festival last month, and called it Coalchella

Jonny Caldwell

Most of us know how expensive music festivals can be, and that’s seemingly the thinking behind the hilariously named Coalchella event, a free-admittance music festival hosted in a Minecraft server. Where better to host a free music festival than in the world’s second-most popular game?

Many artists and organizers made the event possible

After a successful 450-guest birthday party for a Minecrafter who goes by Max, his friend Sam, came up with the name Coalchella, a funny spin on the name of the ultra-famous Coachella yearly festival in California. Sam, along with the help of another friend named Robin, organized the get-together as well as coordinating with the many DJ’s and musicians who participated by lending their talents to the occasions soundtrack.

“Reaching out to artists was based almost entirely on including people in our communities instead of focusing on trying to get the largest names.” —Robin

Despite the careful organization of the crew, difficulties still arose. As many as 900 guests showed up to the event within the first few minutes—twice as many as the entire guest count of the birthday party it was based on. The team didn’t expect such a large volume, so, expectedly the server suffered the consequences.

Luckily for them, the folks from the famous Hypixel server lent their expert hands and moved the event to a new server spun up during the event. In the end, the participants had fun. As for the Coalchella 2019,

“The only thing to do now is to make it even bigger. We have solid plans for another event early next year, and when it happens, you will hear about it.”

Will you be participating next year? Let us know what you thought of the event down below.