Minecraft Earth launches in beta on Android in Tokyo, Seattle, London, Mexico, and Stockholm

Brad Stephenson

Minecraft Earth video game on iPhone.

Microsoft’s upcoming augmented reality (AR) mobile game, Minecraft Earth, will be made available in closed beta on Android devices in London, Mexico City, Seattle, Stockholm, and Tokyo over the next few days.

The closed beta had been live on iOS devices in select locations for a while now but this is the first time that Android users, those that have registered to be in the closed beta anyway, have been given a chance to play.

“We’re rolling out the red carpet for new developments on the Minecraft Earth closed beta! First of all, a big earthy welcome to our Android players, who can join in on the fun as we roll out this next phase of the closed beta,” the official announcement reads. “This rollout will be occurring throughout the week – so keep checking back to see if Minecraft Earth has reached your city/village/cave!”

In addition to the launch of Minecraft Earth beta on Android, today also saw the announcement of an in-game digital currency for the game which is likely how Microsoft will be making most of its money from the game.

“We are adding a new feature as well: rubies,” explains a post on the official Minecraft blog. “Rubies are a form of in-game currency that everyone can earn by playing the game that allows you to buy buildplates during the closed beta. Android users will be able to purchase rubies during the closed beta, but don’t worry iOS users – we have plans to roll this feature out to you very soon! Rubies, whether you buy or earn them, are linked to your Xbox Live account and will stay with you through Early Access and beyond!”

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