Minecraft Battle mini-game release date announced

Kit McDonald

It’s an exciting time for console Minecraft players! The Xbox account tweeted just yesterday that the Minecraft Battle Mini-Game will be coming as a free update on June 21st. The update will be shipping out to Xbox One, along with a list of other consoles including PS Vita, PS3, PS4, and Nintendo Wii U.

The mini game is centered around a ‘Hunger Games’ premise, starting players without any inventory close to a bountiful hub of chests. Players’ inventory is unavailable except for the nine items showed on their hot bar. Also, hunger depletes quicker to encourage players to battle it out for resources in a more natural way. As players are killed, they are transformed into a bat that can do nothing but spectate the match as the last few players go head to head.

The Minecraft Battle Mini-Game is probably one of the most anticipated updates for Minecraft on the console for a long time. Meanwhile, the PC version enjoys its newly released “Frostburn” update that adds features such as polar bears, magma blocks, and, as always, removes Herobrine.

With less than 2 weeks to go, players are strapping on their diamond helmets and upgrading their swords at the anvil for the battle of their lives. But with limited resources, things are about to get hairy. Will you be the last Steve standing?