Microsoft’s YourPhone team is hiring “in a big way” as app gains important role in the company’s strategy

Laurent Giret

Microsoft’s Your Phone app, which allows Windows 10 users to get instant access to their Android phone’s photos, texts, notifications, and more on their PC is quickly becoming a very important app for Microsoft. Simply said, Windows 10 now has more synergies with Android than Microsoft’s own Windows Phone mobile OS never had, and this could be just the beginning as the software giant is looking to hire new software engineers for its Your Phone team.

Vishnu Nath, Director of Program Management at Microsoft highlighted on Twitter today that Microsoft is looking for 20+ Software engineers to help the company build new cross-device experiences. It’s been less than a year since the Your Phone app launched on Windows 10, but that’s quite a big vote of confidence for the team behind it.

More than Cortana, gaming features, or Paint 3D, Your Phone could be the real killer app Microsoft needs to convince users still on Windows 7/8.x to update to Windows 10. Mac and iPhone users have been able to enjoy these kind of cross-device experiences for years now, but Microsoft is doing some unique experiments with Your Phone such as Phone screen mirroring, bringing Android apps to Windows 10 along the way.

Unfortunately, the Your Phone app doesn’t support iPhones and iPads for now, as the lock downed nature of iOS is likely preventing Microsoft to access things like text messages, pictures and notifications. It’s still not clear if Microsoft will ever be able to do something about it, but Android should remain the app’s mobile OS of choice for the time being.