Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass for PC rebrands as PC Game Pass

Brad Stephenson

PC Game Pass

Microsoft today rebranded the Xbox Game Pass tier for PC gamers, Xbox Game Pass for PC, as PC Game Pass.

The removal of the Xbox name from the brand is a bit of a shock but it does make a lot of sense. Personally, almost every person I’ve mentioned Xbox Game Pass for PC to has replied with something along the lines of “But I don’t have an Xbox” even after me explaining that an Xbox console isn’t needed to use the subscription service.

The new PC Game Pass label will make the service much easier for casual consumers to understand. It’s also worth mentioning that the service as a whole hasn’t changed at all and the new logo for PC Game Pass still includes the Xbox’s X icon so it’s not like Microsoft is abandoning the Xbox brand anytime soon.

In addition to the above change, Xbox Game Pass for Console has now also had its name changed. From today, the console tier of Xbox Game Pass will simply be referred to as, wait for it, Xbox Game Pass.

Here’s a breakdown of the three main Game Pass plans:

  • Xbox Game Pass: Access to over 100 Xbox console games.
  • PC Game Pass: Access to over 100 PC games and EA Play.
  • Game Pass Ultimate: Includes access to both console and PC game libraries, Xbox Cloud Gaming, special in-game promotions, Xbox Live Gold, and EA Play.

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