Microsoft’s Xbox 360 dominates PS3 and Wii yet again for 28 consecutive months



Microsoft’s Xbox 360 entertainment console remains the top-selling gaming console in the United States for another month, marking 28 consecutive months of success for the company. This trend of dominance continues over the console’s main competitors, the Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3.

Microsoft revealed today that the Xbox 360 has maintained its position as the top console in the USA, as of April 2013. The Xbox 360 held 42% share of current generation console sales and sold 130,000 consoles in the month of April alone. Total retail spending on the Xbox 360, which includes the console, games, and accessories, totaled $208 million dollars. This total was more than what the Sony PS3 or Nintendo Wii reached.

The Xbox 360 also held six of the top ten games, including “NBA 2K13,” “Dead Island: Riptide,” “BioShock Infinite,” Defiance,” Injustice: Gods Among Us” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.”

The Xbox is ready to evolve into its next phase, as Microsoft is planning the revelation of a new console as well as new games during a special press event on the Xbox campus. THis event takes place at 10AM Pacific time on May 21st. This event will also be streamed live via Xbox LIVE,, and Spike TV. Microsoft will continue to showcase the new console’s games and features on June 10th during the E3 media briefing.