Microsoft’s Windows Developer Program for IoT extends its support to Intel Galileo boards


Microsoft's Windows Developer Program for IoT extends its support to Intel Galileo boards

Microsoft has announced that the company’s Windows Developer Program for IoT has expanded its efforts to support Intel Galileo boards. Beginning today, anyone with these boards can now install a new preview Windows image.

IoT, for those that did not know, stands for Internet of Things, which aims to bring Windows to a new class of small devices. This preview program has rolled out gradually and a couple of hundred kits each week have been shipped off during the summer. For a refresher, Intel Galileo is the first product in a new family of Arduino-certified development boards based on the Intel x86 architecture. 

“Today Microsoft is announcing expanded efforts to bring Windows to devices by extending support to Intel Galileo boards off the shelf. Starting today, anyone with an Intel Galileo Gen1 development board can now install a new preview Windows image,” a Microsoft spokesperson told WinBeta today. Intel has made the latest UEFI firmware available and you can download them here.

“The preview Windows image is another opportunity for makers and developers to create, generate new ideas and provide feedback to help Microsoft continue making Windows even better on this class of device. While this release only supports Intel Galileo Gen 1 hardware, Microsoft is also committed to supporting the currently available Galileo Gen 2 hardware with a future release,” Microsoft added.

For those wondering, this version of Windows is a non-commercial edition of Windows 8.1, requiring you to first be enrolled in the IoT program. You can head over here to learn more about Microsoft’s Windows Developer Program for IoT.