Microsoft’s Wallet app for Windows 10 Mobile fixes layout issues in new update

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft-Wallet App

Microsoft’s Wallet app for Windows 10 Mobile devices has updated to version 1.1.16056.0 and has fixed an apparent layout issue with the Ticket wallet item.

The Wallet app is Microsoft’s first-party app aimed at collecting users’ loyalty cards and tickets all in one place. Here’s the official description:

Keep your cards and passes in one place. With Wallet, you have your cards when and where you need them:

  • Boarding passes – Show and scan your boarding pass at the airport or bus station.
  • Event tickets – Show and scan tickets to concerts, sporting events and more.
  • Loyalty cards – Show and scan your loyalty cards at the supermarket or your favourite restaurant.
  • Membership cards – Check out books at the library, check in at the gym, etc.
  • Coupons – Keep track of your coupons in one location.

The app’s functionality depends greatly on a user’s region. Australians, for example, only have access to the connected apps feature which is used for loyalty programs. This restriction essentially makes the app useless for many given that so few businesses and loyalty programs have apps in the Windows Store. It’s often easier to simply story a digital photo of loyalty cards or use another app such as Stocard.

Windows phone users in North America however have, or will soon have, access to the Wallet app’s NFC payment functionality with banks such as Bank of America, BECU, First Tech Federal Credit Union, People’s United Bank, and the Virginia Credit Union. Chase, Fifth Third Bank, US Bank, and more already announcing partnerships with Microsoft.

The app currently has a two star rating in the Windows Store with most reviews complaining about either its lack of features or inability to function correctly. Microsoft has announced plans for support for the app so it’s bound to improve gradually over time but right now the Wallet app is simply a curiosity for most users.

Do you use Microsoft’s Wallet app? Let us know about your personal experiences with it in the comments below.

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Microsoft Wallet
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