The app, not yet released to the public, has been updated to version and includes the following features (via WBItalia):

  • Interactive notifications: You can now reply directly from the Action Centre and from the notification banners, without having to go into the app
  • New welcome message: When you start up the app for the first time, the app now has a new welcome screen, where it encourages you to start a conversation.
  • New message connection: If you lose internet access during your conversation with someone on Skype, there will be a new message saying “Connecting…” symbolizing the reconnecting attempt.

The above changes have not been spotted on a Windows 10 build for the app yet, although, as a universal app, it is expected they will come across for PCs too.

These changes should roll out to Windows 10 PC users in the next Skype UWP update, as well as being made available for Windows 10 Mobile users when the Universal Skype app arrives for Microsoft’s mobile platform.