Microsoft’s Ultimate Game Sale is now live on Windows 10 and Xbox One

Brad Stephenson

New Xbox One Logo

Microsoft’s annual Ultimate Game Sale is now live on Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs. Video games on both platforms have received discounts up to 65% off and gamers who subscribe to Xbox Live Gold can get a further 10% discount on the reduced price.

In addition to video games, services and memberships have also been reduced. Three months of Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass can now be bought for $10 during the sale period. Xbox consoles, controllers, and other gaming-related accessories have also had their prices reduced on the official Microsoft and Xbox websites.

An official list of all of the discounted Xbox video games has been created here however consoles owners can also view them all on their Xbox One dashboard. The Ultimate Game Sale has also been given a prominent position within the Windows 10 Store app as well.

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