Microsoft’s Surface Duo dual-screen Android phone tested by FCC and could get an early release

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Surface Duo.

Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Duo device has apparently (via DL) made its way to the FCC and has begun to undergo testing. This suggests that the dual-screen Android smartphone could be getting a release well before the previously announced Holiday 2020 release window.

Windows Central’s Zac Bowden says as much in his recent post on the FCC filing and claims that his sources have told him that an August or September release for the Surface Duo is very much on the table. Bowden also points out that the FCC filing is under a confidentiality agreement until October 29th which means that it’s very likely that Microsoft will at least be revealing more details on this new product, such as its confirmed stats, price, and release date, before then, if not flat out releasing it.

Microsoft had apparently planned to release the Surface Duo this month but had delayed it for unknown reasons. It’s unclear if the device and apps needed more refining before launch or if the global pandemic slowed down development with more and more Microsoft employees working from home as opposed to an in-person collaborative workplace environment.

Its eventual release will be a bit unpredictable. The Surface Duo clearly exhibits the physical form factor of the numerous Surface 2-in-1 devices which could attract a lot of Microsoft enthusiasts but it also runs Android instead of a version of Windows 10 which could discourage many from making the switch.

Being a massive supporter of Windows phone who jumped to an iPhone after Microsoft shuttered their mobile device, I would have happily switched to the Surface Duo if it ran something similar to Windows 10 Mobile (or even Windows 10X) but the use of Android is giving me pause. The thought of using a third mobile operating system within a two year period is kind of exhausting. I’m also personally not a fan of the Android OS either.

Of course, Microsoft fans who are already using an Android smartphone could be very easily tempted to upgrade to a Duo.

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