Microsoft’s subtle hint: Windows 11 23H2 update might be on the horizon

Priya Walia


Microsoft is set to unveil the much-anticipated Windows 11 update. The company is currently in the final stage of preparations to release the 23H2 update, with a revelation expected to be made soon.

As reported by a news portal, Windows Latest, Microsoft recently sent out a ‘Windows Configuration Update.’ This is seen as an essential groundwork task being carried out in readiness for the upgrade rollout.

The update merely introduces a feature that will allow users to opt for ‘Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available’ and become early adopters of the 23H2 update. It’s noteworthy that the actual upgrade isn’t happening yet, this is stagesetting.

Microsoft’s 23H2 update has been a matter of speculation for a while, but reports from Windows Latest signaling an official announcement expected this week, throw more light on its actual release. The revelation will likely come at Microsoft’s ‘special event’ planned in New York on September 21 (Thursday).

The event will not only witness the introduction of the latest Surface hardware models but is also expected to give a first look at the 23H2 update.

Anticipated Broad Rollout and Features

Given the updates, it is logical to expect the announcement this week, followed by a more extensive rollout soon. Windows Latest speculates that the 23H2 update may be ready for users by next month, albeit in a limited form.

Early adopters who have opted to receive updates promptly might be able to install it by October in a phased deployment mode. Broader implementation is expected to start in November, making this update available for all.

The exciting features of this update include, in theory, Windows Copilot, Microsoft’s AI assistant. However, the initial version of this assistant might have limited capabilities. The hurry to introduce AI still puzzles some, sparking discussions about why Microsoft didn’t wait till next year.

It is worth remembering that users on Windows 11’s original version (21H2) will mandatorily need to upgrade as support for this version will terminate on October 10, 2023. Presently, PCs running on 21H2 are witnessing a forceful upgrade to 22H2, but after that, users will have the choice to directly transition to 23H2 as per their wish.

Stay tuned for further updates about Microsoft’s big reveal of the 23H2 upgrade for Windows 11.