Microsoft’s Sticky Notes just updated with several fixes

Brad Stephenson

Windows 10 Sticky Notes

Windows 10’s Sticky Notes app has just updated to version 1.1.7. This new update squashed several rather major bugs that were preventing some users from even opening the app and making Sticky Notes crash for others. There have also been some changes to the default font and window sizes which were made after the development team got feedback on those aspects of the app from users.

Here are the official release notes: New in version 1.1.7: – A number of users have reported a serious problem where the app does not boot. This has been fixed. – Additionally, StickyNotes would often crash when entering input using a Korean IME. This has also been addressed. – If you’ve upgraded from a previous version of Windows, you may have been struck by the new default font size and window sizing in the new experience. Based on your feedback, we’ve taken steps to improve the experience and tweaked both the default font and window size to be smaller. Please keep the feedback coming!

The Sticky Notes app recently got a revamp as part of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary update. The entire app was given a more streamlined design but the biggest change was its new front-and-centre location in the new Windows Ink workspace which premiered this month.

Sticky Notes can be opened by a press of the Surface Pen or through the usual app opening methods and users can write notes with a stylus (like the Surface Pen) or a keyboard. The notes created in Sticky Notes have been given greater intelligence than they had before so the app can automatically detect which text is an address, email, or phone number and Cortana reminders can be created from directly within the app. Flights and stock data can also be tracked in the new app as well.

Do you find yourself using Sticky Notes more often now that they’ve been given more functionality? Let us know in the comments below.

Microsoft Sticky Notes
Microsoft Sticky Notes