Microsoft's solutions power students at the Dusit International hospitality school

Joseph Finney

Microsoft's solutions power students at the Dustin International hospitality school

Education across the world has been embracing technology in several ways, from teaching programing to traditional lessons being taught using recent tech like Skype or OneNote. Now one of Thailand’s hospitality schools, Dusit International, will begin equipping their teachers and students with Microsoft devices and software to teach and learn better. Microsoft has a distinct advantage when considering end to end educational environment solutions, thanks to Windows, Office, Skype, and the Microsoft cloud. Students can complete assignments, and attend classes using Microsoft devices and services.

OneNote completely replaces traditional notebooks and paper because OneNote works great with a massive range of input methods. Students today expect robust solutions which can incorporate several different input methods like text, pen, camera, video, and sound. Learning with Microsoft technology will better prepare these students for when they enter an industry which heavily relies upon Microsoft technology for their day to day operations across the globe.

Opening in August of 2015, the Dusit Thani Hotel School will equip educators and students with Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity tool, Office 365 for Education, and Windows tablets that will enhance the classroom experience. You can read more about it at the VIA link below.