Microsoft’s Smoked by Windows Phone challenge has come a long way, over 50,000 wins


Today, Microsoft has released statistics about its Smoked by Windows Phone campaign and the stats look pretty good. Since the Consumer Electronics Show in January of this year, Microsoft has been able to promote its Windows Phone platform through this neat little campaign, but has it been fruitful?

Microsoft has thus-far received 8,000,000+ views on its Smoked by Windows Phone videos and 95% of these videos have been “liked” on YouTube. 36 different countries have been running some sort of variation to the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign and over 50,000+ smartphones have lost to a Windows Phone. 100,000,000+ people have either seen, participated, or read about the challenge worldwide. Now, this is an impressive and viral campaign Microsoft has come up with. While many people may claim that Microsoft hasn’t really played the challenge fair since there were accusations of unfair rules and unfair losses, Microsoft has really outdone themselves with this style of advertising. Not only does it spark interest in the Windows Phone platform but it creates revenue when those who have never seen or heard of a Windows Phone end up purchasing one based on these advertisements and challenges.