Microsoft’s ‘smart elevator’ will guess the floor you are heading to


Microsoft's 'smart elevator' will guess the floor your are heading to

Imagine you enter an elevator, and it automatically knew which floor you are heading to. That’s what the engineers at Redmond are working on these days. Wearables are nice, but making use of artificial intelligence to predict our next moves and employing them to make our lives a bit more convenient is closer to Microsoft’s vision of future computing. 

Microsoft may have missed out on the smart contact lens, but it doesn’t mean that folks over at Microsoft Research are not working on the next big thing. Making an appearance on Bloomberg TV’s “Bloomberg West”, Peter Lee, the head of Microsoft Research showcased “smart elevator” which would, depending on various factors such as history, activities and time, guess where you must be going off to.

“That kind of ability to predict people’s intentions and what might happen next, in the same way that people do, those are things that we think will get built in, really deeply embedded in the environment all-around us,” Lee stated.

Microsoft believes that in the coming future, your computers will be “smart” enough to sense your needs and work accordingly. “We think in the future, you won’t be operating computers, but computers will be working on your behalf,” Lee adds.