Microsoft’s Seeing AI iPhone app now available in 35 markets including the European Union

Laurent Giret

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Seeing AI, the free iPhone app that Microsoft created to assist people who are blind and partially sighted is now available to download in 35 markets worldwide. After launching the app in select countries in July, Microsoft says that it has been downloaded 100,000 times and helped the visually-impaired accomplish over 3 million tasks.

The core function of the iPhone app is to narrate the world around you by recognizing objects, people and text. In addition to making the app available in more countries including the European Union, Microsoft has also updated Seeing AI with many new features including color, currency and handwriting recognition, with much more to come in the future.

“With each of these new features, we make sure to protect personal data while ensuring the technology operates effectively and provides users the best experiences with our products,” the company explained. Overall, the app is great way to show how artificial intelligence can help to make the world more inclusive, and the latest update should make it even better tool to open up the visual world. Feel free to check out the app on your iPhone by using the download link below.

‎Seeing AI
‎Seeing AI
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