Microsoft’s response to Snapchat: we’re working closely with our industry-leading partners

Jack Wilkinson

Yesterday, we reported that a Microsoft support representative had claimed that the company was working with Snapchat to bring its app to Windows 10 Mobile, potentially Windows 10 PCs, too. As a matter of due course, we reached out to Microsoft for comment on the matter. We’ll be honest, we weren’t expecting a response – we fully expected them to ignore the request, as they generally do when it involves Snapchat.

However, we were pleasantly surprised, not at the details of the response, but at the fact that they responded at all, and didn’t decline that Snapchat is coming to their mobile platform.

A spokesperson for the firm said:

We’ve seen great momentum around the Windows Store and Apps. We continue to work with industry leading partners to bring the best experiences to Windows for a broad set of categories, including entertainment, productivity, and gaming. We have nothing further to share [at this time].

Whilst it doesn’t state that a Snapchat app is on the way, there are a few interesting pieces of information to take from this statement:

  • They replied. This isn’t usually the case when it comes to talking about Snapchat and Windows in the same sentence.
  • The spokesperson directly states that they are continuing to work with their “industry leading partners”. Of course, Microsoft is working with other companies – and we’ve seen the results of that recently, with apps such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Facebook and Messenger all making their way to Windows 10 Mobile. But out of all these companies – what real, big, contenders are left? Google and Snapchat. Our bet is that they aren’t working with Google.

We’re continuing to keep our eyes and ears to the ground, and will let you know of any further developments. Watch this space.