Microsoft’s Remote Desktop app for Android, iOS and OSX hits one million downloads


Microsoft's Remote Desktop app for iOS

Just recently, Microsoft rolled out a Remote Desktop app for both iOS and Android, allowing those users to remote into a Windows machine with ease. This marked the first time Microsoft has brought the Windows desktop to phones and tablets, albiet on a competitors platform, via an app.

In a new blog post today, Microsoft proudly revealed that Remote Desktop app for Android, iOS, and OSX have been downloaded one million times after only a few days of availability. This app has yet to be made available for the Windows Phone platform, but Microsoft is already working on rectifying this.

“As of this morning, after just a few days of availability, the Remote Desktop app has been downloaded, 1 million times! Downloads have been steadily growing, and this is now the fastest growing Android app from Microsoft, ever,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

So there you have it. One million downloads and counting. Fastest growing Android app from Microsoft. These are just some great facts that Microsoft is eating up. Have you downloaded this app on your Android or iOS/OSX system?