Microsoft’s Project Sangam is a life-long skill development and jobs platform for Indians

Abhishek Baxi

Project Sangam

Earlier today during his keynote at Future Decoded, Satya Nadella shared information about Project Sangam that aims to bridge the widening skill gap in India. ‘Sangam’ means confluence in Hindi.

The product – available on Web and mobile – connects the skills learning programs directly with relevant jobs by leveraging LinkedIn’s extensive job search platform. Built for Indian audiences, the platform was described as “simple yet powerful” by Nadella. It is meant to be extended to blue-collar medium to low-skilled workers.

“India’s challenge is to take any college graduate and realise their potential on what they are capable of instead of which college they studied from.”

Project Sangam allows users to register using their Aadhaar identity ensuring life-long access to the platform and offers multiple educational courses while plugging into built-in LinkedIn Lite.

Project Sangam aims to strengthen the skilling eco-system in India and has the potential to benefit millions of new skill seekers in the country while also closing the loop of empowerment with job opportunities. It is in a private preview at the moment, and no timeline for its public launch was shared.