Microsoft’s OneDrive iOS app gets PDF text annotations in a Christmas-themed update

Brad Stephenson

The Microsoft OneDrive app updated on iOS devices today with the return of PDF text annotations, an improved eraser feature, and the usual anonymous bug fixes and improvements.

What really sets this update apart from others though is its Christmassy release notes that are heavily inspired by The Night Before Christmas.

Here’s the full release notes in all their cringey glory:

Twas the night before shipping, and all through the app,

not a pixel was stirring, not even a scrap;

This gem was polished with time and care,

in hopes our users would soon tap and hold there;

The users waited on the update to load,

to see what triggers this festive snow.

The long awaited, and semi anticipated, text annotation functionality is back up and running for your PDF editing pleasure.

While we were at it, we also polished up the eraser experience, and squashed some other pesky bugs.

We are always listening to your feedback and will continue to improve and iterate on our PDF experience. Please keep pointing out areas that need a little TLC.

Microsoft OneNote is primarily used for uploading and downloading files to and from the cloud but has lately received greater functionality for natively editing PDF files.

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‎Microsoft OneDrive