Microsoft’s Office Twitter account responds to “Word 2016 has been the worst year yet”

Arif Bacchus


With George Michael, Carrie Fisher, and Richard Adams all passing away in the last few days, as well as the ongoing catastrophes occurring across the globe, many have recently taken to social media so they could complain that 2016 has been a bad year. The official Microsoft Office Twitter account, however, mistook one of these tweets as a complaint on their product, and the result has since gone viral (via DailyMailUK.)

As seen above, the @Office Twitter handle responded to a user by the name of “3Double0” after he tweeted that “Word 2016 has been the worst year yet.” In this case, the user intended “Word” as a slang term and had also forgotten to insert a comma. This caused the Microsoft Office Twitter to think he was referring to the Microsoft Word 2016 Office product.

Since the initial Tweet on December 19th, Microsoft’s official Office tweet has been retweeted 660 times and liked 821 times. Some on the internet have even remarked that this would have been a situation where the office assistant Clippy could have provided some guidance.  Over 60 K people have reportedly seen the Tweet from “3Double0,” and he has since gone on to joke that he might try to get verified.

Safe to say, this may be a case where some common sense and the extra step of grammar and spell checking might have come in handy. Have you ever made a mistake that you have regretted, but since went back to laugh at? Let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below!